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Lag is an Amsterdam based hacklab.
It originates from and stayes closely connected with the Squatters Linux User Group.
We are open regularly and during the different activities.
You are invited to get involved, subscribe to the newsletter or show your support.

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Opening hours:
LAG open day
Fri 27 Apr:   17:00 - end

LAG open day
Fri 4 May:   17:00 - end

LAG open day
Fri 11 May:   17:00 - end

Or ask on irc: ircs://irc.indymedia.org:6697/#lag
(or when the sign below is lit)

1e Schinkelstraat 14-16
1075 TX Amsterdam


SBIP - NL32 TRIO 0390 9112 08

The space is open :]